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This course introduces algebraic concepts providing a solid foundation for college algebra. Topics range from properties of real numbers, the order of operations, and algebraic expressions to solving equations and inequalities. Additional topics include polynomials, factoring methods, rational and radical expressions as well as graphing and functions.

This undergraduate course is 5 weeks.

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Topics and Objectives

Mathematical Models, Equations, and Inequalities

  • Perform arithmetic operations on algebraic expressions.
  • Identify properties of real numbers.
  • Evaluate numerical expressions using order of operations.
  • Solve linear equations.
  • Solve linear inequalities.
  • Solve a formula for a given variable.
  • Use mathematical models to solve real-world application problems.

Linear Equations in Two Variables, Functions, and Graphing Polynomials

  • Compute function values from an equation and from a graph.
  • Perform arithmetic operations on polynomials.
  • Determine solutions to real-world applications involving linear functions.
  • Determine the domain and range of a function.
  • Graph linear equations in two variables.
  • Determine the slope and the y-intercept of a linear equation.
  • Use technology to graph polynomial equations.

Factoring Polynomials

  • Factor polynomials using multiple methods.
  • Factor trinomials when the leading coefficient is one.
  • Factor trinomials whose leading coefficient is not one.
  • Factor special case polynomials.
  • Factor quadratic equations to solve real-world application problems.
  • Determine the zeros of a polynomial equation.

Rational Expressions, Rational Equations and Functions

  • Simplify rational expressions.
  • Perform arithmetic operations on rational expressions.
  • Solve rational equations algebraically.
  • Solve problems using direct, joint, and inverse variation.
  • Use proportions to solve real-world applications.
  • Use technology to solve rational equations.
  • Use rational equations to solve real-world application problems.

Composite and Inverse Functions

  • Perform mathematic operations on functions.
  • Perform composition of functions.
  • Determine the inverse of a function.
  • Evaluate composition of functions.
  • Evaluate inverse functions.
  • Solve real-world applications of operations on functions.




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