Course Description

This course explores the secondary physical education classroom teaching and assessment strategies, and national and state standards. Candidates examine topics including developing motor skills through activities, developing levels of physical fitness, understanding principles of human movement, developing and practicing social skills, and the value of fair play in games and sports. Candidates develop skills in selecting, designing, and adapting instruction for diverse student populations. The course also emphasizes classroom and sport/field management skills and safety as they relate to physical education instruction.

This graduate course is 6 weeks.

This course has a prerequisite. Please see details in the Prerequisite section below.

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This course is only available for enrollment to residents of California.

Course Objectives

Week 1

  • Interpret your state’s teacher licensure examinations for physical education (PE). 
  • Explain a rationale that supports including PE in the secondary curriculum. 
  • Explain the benefits of PE in schools. 
  • Examine current themes and trends for teaching PE. 

Week 2

  • Examine state and national PE standards. 
  • Describe the sequencing of activities for student success. 
  • Evaluate the characteristics of both formative and summative assessment in PE. 
  • Describe how a variety of assessments can create a process of continuous feedback for students. 
  • Describe how data from assessments will guide instructional decisions. 

Week 3

  • Review approaches to unit and lesson planning for developing motor skills, physical fitness, and human movement. 
  • Research innovative instructional strategies and materials. 
  • Analyze effective motivational techniques to engage PE students. 

Week 4

  • Explore strategies for effective classroom management as it pertains to PE. 
  • Describe how effective classroom management improves student learning
  • Research data on injuries during physical activity. 
  • Discuss creating a learning environment that promotes safety, inclusion, tolerance, and appreciation of diversity. 

Week 5

  • Describe strategies for matching equipment and activities with student skill levels. 
  • Explore strategies for creating an inclusive environment for diverse students. 
  • Differentiate a lesson for a diverse set of students. 
  • Investigate why students feel marginalized in PE and solutions for promoting inclusion. 

Week 6

  • Explore strategies for teaching nutrition. 
  • Explore strategies for teaching the physiological and sociological effects of alcohol, narcotics and drug abuse, and use of tobacco. 
  • Research the standards for self-responsibility, social interaction, and group dynamics across several grade levels. 
  • Discuss strategies that promote fair play during physical activities.


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