Course Description

This course prepares educators to effectively communicate with students and parents in Spanish. Participants focus on real-life situations, the classroom, and school terminology using complex grammatical structures, verb tenses, and conjugations. In addition, participants analyze the sociolinguistic aspect of the Spanish language to better comprehend cultural differences. Basic understanding and knowledge of Spanish, as gained through an introductory Spanish for Educators course, is required.

This graduate course is 4 weeks.

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This course is not available for enrollment to residents of Alabama, Arkansas, and Kentucky.

Course Objectives

School & Family Communication; Grammar; Hispanic Culture

  • Compose written communications for the family.
  • Employ basic dialogue skills for parent/teacher conferences.
  • Identify words to use when discussing students’ grades.
  • Use comparatives and superlatives.
  • Employ common expressions formed with the verb tener.
  • Express familiarity using saber and conocer.
  • Apply reflexive verbs related to student routine.
  • Identify popular Hispanic media and its influence on culture.

Discipline & Academics; Grammar; Hispanic Culture

  • Use common phrases relating to students’ classes and grades.
  • Identify phrases to convey information regarding student behaviors and discipline.
  • Identify phrases to convey information about students’ needs and academic progress.
  • Use possessive adjectives to express ownership and relationships.
  • Construct positive and negative commands in the tú form.
  • Express likes and dislikes using gustar.
  • Identify celebrations and events that are unique to Hispanic cultures.

Making Student Connections; Field Trips; Grammar; Hispanic Culture

  • Use words and phrases to identify students’ past habits.
  • Use the imperfect tense to convey appropriate meaning.
  • Identify phrases to build rapport and convey student information with peers and parents.
  • Use prepositions to describe the location of places in town.
  • Use common words and phrases to communicate field trip information and protocol to parents.
  • Examine the educational system in Hispanic countries.

Communication and Emergencies; Grammar; Hispanic Culture

  • Recognize basic colloquialisms and idioms.
  • Apply terms related to forms of communication.
  • Express mandates and directives.
  • Impart information related to emergencies.
  • Apply rules for verbs to describe activity in the future tense and the preterit tense.
  • Construct positive and negative commands in the Ud. and Uds. forms.
  • Demonstrate strategies to foster strong relationships between the school and community.



Required Materaials

Required for Class:

Harvey, W. C. (2015). Spanish for educators (3rd ed.). Hauppauge, NY: Barron's Educational Series.

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