Course Description

This course discusses the causes and history of World War I, the interwar era, and World War II, with a particular emphasis upon social, political, and economic developments during the period.

This undergraduate course is 5 weeks.

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Course Objectives

World War I: Causes and Impact of World War I on Europe

  • Explain the underlying social and political causes of World War I.
  • Describe the impact of War World I on civilian life.
  • Describe the destabilization and revolution in Russia.

Stalemate on the Western Front—Development and Resolution

  • Describe the development of the stalemate on the Western Front.
  • Describe how the stalemate was broken and how the war was resolved.

Life Between the Wars

  • Describe new social and intellectual patterns in European life.
  • Analyze the peace treaty and the effects it had on major and minor powers.
  • Summarize the rise of Hitler.

World War II: Hitler’s Rearmament Through Stalingrad

  • Explain the interaction among appeasement, German expansion, and the German invasion of the east Lebensraum.
  • Describe German warfare and the Allied responses.
  • Compare the treatment of Western and Eastern Europeans under the Reich, Holocaust and Untermenschen.
  • Describe the role of children in the Third Reich.

Winning the War and Creating the Peace

  • Explain the diplomacy and strategy among the Allies as the war ended.
  • Compare how Western and Eastern Europe responded to the new physical, economic, and political conditions of the post-war world.
  • Describe the aftermath of World War II on Jewish people.




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